Local Cryo Iceberg 25L

Iceberg is a solution for localized cryotherapy treatments which could used in any medical center or beauty studio. Localized cryotherapy treatment should reduce inflammation, improve skin tightening condition, used for anti-aging benefits as well.


Nitrogen based Localized Cryo and Cryofacial Device

Ergonomic modern design and improved movement. Iceberg localized cryotherapy device reverses signs of ageing, promotes skin tone, reduces inflammation, increases collagen production and heals variety of skin disorders. Iceberg could be used for cryo facials treatments and excellent for reducing puffiness, sagging skin and acne. Local cryotherapy machine Iceberg reduces swelling, liquid retention, joint pain, inflammations and improves blood circulation. Localized cryotherapy treatment accelerates recovery from sport and other injuries and used as post surgery treatment in medical and rehabilitation centers. Relief for chronic pains and arthritis. Many athletes use localized cryotherapy sessions for muscle recovery, reduces lactic acid and improves muscle mobility and overall elasticity. All settings can and should be adjusted according the cold tolerance of the client as well as applicators can be changed depending on the area/problem. Such cryo procedures help with skin disorders like acne and reduces puffiness and liquid retention, boosts collagen production, rejuvenates and firms skin, improves blood circulation in specific areas. Improves mobility & elasticity, relaxes tight muscles, instant muscle & joint pain relief, reduces inflammation and swelling, speeds up recovery from sports injuries and surgeries


– sensor remote control
– up to 160C/256F cooling spaying
– safety temperature sensor which control skin temperature and avoid over cooling
– 11 TFT touch screen display

– 24 different programs for face and body
– low nitrogen consumption
– low electrical consumption
– movable on wheels

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