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CryoStar Grand


This cryosauna got incorporated a latest achievements in cryotherapy industry was thermal imaging camera and oxygen sensor monitor together with incredible design using glass side interior and Led lighting


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CryoStar Grand
CryoStar Grand cryosauna

CryoStar cryosauna model incorporated latest Innovations in Advanced Cryotherapy Chambers Market that will Drive the Growth of Industry. Regarding a last reports of market experts Cryochambers Market will reach USD 65.4 billions within a 5 next years.
Growing incidence of chronic medical conditions and demand fast recovery after injuries and pain relief solutions, coupled with distress caused due to unfavorable temperature changes, continue to stimulate the adoption of cryotherapy in the world.

Decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism and reduction of chronic pain and fatigue are some of the essential benefits of cryotherapy that will continue to compel the use of cryochambers all around the world.

What is cryotherapy treatment in cryosauna?

With physical short-term a 1-3 minute treatment, the patient is exposed to extreme cold chamberCryoStar Grand with temperature inside-170-180 °C/-256-280F reached due nitrogen vaporizing.
Regarding statements of cryotherapy experts whole Body Cryotherapy is considered one of the most effective physical therapies for rheumatic diseases and sport rehabilitation treatments. Cryotherapy has a positive effects for reduce inflammation, reduce pain and improve mobility of the patient due analgesic effect of cold therapy sessions. Therefore in professional sports industry, the positive properties of the body cooling have been used by years to increase performance and make faster recovery of athletes. Many famous athletes report of a real kick with adrenaline and endorphin boost on the visit in the cold chamber as well as reduce inflammation areas and pain relief. Therefore why many physical therapists and trainers recommend cold therapy after an intense workout to avoid muscle pain. The local reduction in blood flow and metabolism reduces inflammatory reactions and the distribution of pain-producing mediator substances. Cryotherapy is a great opportunity for short-term athletic performance.

CryoStar GrandCryotherapy is a new form of longevity health and preliminary studies are showing some benefits. Areas of cryotherapy application as:
– Rheumatic diseases
– Sports injuries
– Atopic dermatitis
– Joint and spine diseases
– Chronic pain conditions
– Weight loss and release calories for body warm up
– Reduce inflammation

Some doctors and experts informed regarding cryotherapy should:
– Pain relief and muscle healing
– Preventing dementia
– Preventing and treating some forms of cancer
– Reducing anxiety and depression
– Improving symptoms of eczema
– Treatment of migraine headaches

The short-term freezing down to -180 °C/-280F favors a large number of positive reactions in the body. The pain patient benefits primarily from the anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the cold interrupts the pain receptors, so that even after the first application an improved mobility occurs

MedStarCom as a leading cryosauna manufacturer overviewed a last trends demanded and expected to rise for cryochambers, therefore we launched newest state-of-art cryotherapy chamber model CryoStar which incorporated latest innovative functionality for best reasonable price range. Improved body style of cryochamber with luxury design style. Ergonomic exterior and spacious interior for one person cryosaunaNitrogen based unit which helps fast increase temperature dropping up to -180C/280F degrees which is most effective temperature for cryo therapy. CryoStar cryosauna has lowest indicator of nitrogen spending which any other cryotherapy chamber could not reachNewest Platinum Jets indirect spaying technology incorporated in CryoStar chamber.  Highest level of safety benefits including over leaking stop system, emergency stop button, push door for stop session and improved temperature sensors

CryoStar Grand version option:

– thermal imaging camera which control cooling and shows on large video display how cryotherapyCryoStar Grand working for your body and how body temperature dropping off
– Variety of colors for interior and exterior and availability to locate client’s logo on body of equipment
– Luxury glass exterior of equipment body
– Large 10.1-13’3 video display with Wi-Fi connection
– Integrated software for control cryochamber operation

CryoStar is a best cryochamber solution for any sports medicine & pain management applications. As well as the largest end-user offer of cryochambers for a fitness center or a beauty & wellness spa, medical offices or physical therapists.

A list of benefits from Cryotherapy equipment include: muscle recovery, decrease in joint pain, immunity boost, stress relief, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, metabolic boost and improved sleep.

CryoStar GrandCryoStar cryochamber has low operating costs which makes this cold chambers very attractive for sports and therapy centers. Worldwide, there are already a many cryotherapy chambers of CryoStar in use. The development and production of refrigeration chambers are completely in our professional hands. Therefore, CryoStar cryotherapy chamber made by MedStarCom offers many advantages:
– 100 % made in Europe from US and European components
– The latest, efficient technology, simple operation
– Free training and worldwide customer and technical support
– 1 year standard warranty and extended warranty up to 3 years
– Long life operation without any break down
– Sales and distributors team in many world countries
– Competent consulting, implementation and maintenance from one single source
– Professional support for creation any small cryotherapy studio to the large rehabilitation center


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