(En) MedStarCom introduces one of the most luxury equipped cryotherapy chambers available on current world market. Our designer should create incredible modern design using newest components and technologies. Variety colors for interior and exterior. Antarctica cryosauna is solution for any rehabilitation center or gym.

(En) Features


– large TFT 11 control panel display
– wi-fi connection
– second video display
– LED lighting exterior
– ergonomic exterior and spacious interior
– automatic door opening via remote control
– automatic lift up to 150kg/330LB
– Platinum Jest indirect Spaying technology
– technology of even nitrogen distribution inside chamber
– two touch scree displays
– temperature range up to -180C/280F

(En) – low nitrogen consumption
– low electrical consumption
– emerging stop button
– door opening sensor
– variety colors for interior and exterior
– fast precooling and drying
– 3 automatic and 1 manual program
– thermal imaging camera
– oxygen sensor monitor
– nitrogen hose included
– worldwide warranty

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