(En) CryoStar Cryotherapy Chamber

(En) Newest cryotherapy chamber for a reasonable price. CryoStar Simple is a cryosauna for recovery and rehabilitation treatments. The client will be involved in up to -180C/280F cold air mixture. Cryotherapy treatment will improve health condition, reduce information, increase blood circulation, pain relief.



MedStarCom created best equipped cryotherapy chamber for affordable price.  Cryotherapy chamber CryoStar Simple is newest cryotherapy chamber working up to -160-180C.
We offer a nitrogen based cryosauna with an innovative automatic door technology engine
ered with indirect nitrogen spaying technology. Providing efficiency in nitrogen delivery and added safety. Special Platinum spaying jets incorporated in chamber save your business expenses for every session due low nitrogen consumption and keeping extremely low temperature in chamber. Automatic lift helps to accommodate the user’s height. With a many safety sensors, an modern design, an easy to use digital touch screen, 3 to 5 liters of nitrogen consumption per session*, the cryosauna CryoStar simple will provide a very effective cryotherapy treatments.

(En) Features:


– modern design
– CryoStar cryosauna assembled from high quality components made in US and Europe
– ergonomic exterior and spacious interior
– unique automatic door opening
– updated automatic lift system which able to lift up person max 135kg
– Platinum Jest indirect Spaying technology which can safe nitrogen consumption
– technology of even cold vapor distribution inside chamber
– 10.1 touch screen display mounted on door. Large tablet console for convenient operation and simple menu
– temperature range up to -180C/280F
– low nitrogen consumption
– low electrical consumption


– emerging stop button
– door opening sensor
– variety colors for interior and exterior
– fast precooling and drying of cryochamber
– 3 automatic and 1 manual program
– Improved vent system. Quick removal a rest of nitrogen vapor after cryo session finished
– Improved gasket and door closing system which helps avoid nitrogen vapor leaking to the room
– worldwide warranty, delivery and installation
– Best customer and technical support all around the world from MedStarCom and our distributors.
– Incredible reasonable and affordable price which outperform any competitor”s models of cryosaunas

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